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Premkiran Reddy promptly and precisely grasps the issues in dispute, and applies his vast knowledge and expertise in both Medical and Legal fields, to make an award that conclusively ends the matter. He takes all relevant factors into account in making his decision since it is final and can rarely be overturned in court. He deals with each party with respect and refrains from taking sides before he has heard all the facts.


  • Certified by Bar Association of San Francisco

  • Trained by American Health Law Association



MEDIATION (Health Law)

​A good resolution to Mediation starts with empathy. While many Mediators have experience hearing arguments and presenting solutions, few prioritize the importance of understanding both parties’ points of view. Often there are matters hidden that, once uncovered, can help resolve an impasse. Premkiran Reddy promptly finds resolutions for his clients because he approaches every case with empathy and can understand the objectives of both parties. Premkiran Reddy is objective and impartial. He uses his skills to help both sides of a dispute achieve a creative and favorable outcome that works for all sides in a Mediation.

  • Certified by ADR Mediator

       (Approved by the State Bar of Texas)


Conflict Resolved

HEARING OFFICER (State of California)

Premkiran Reddy's Medical and Legal expertise, makes him ​uniquely capable to serve as your Hearing Officer, as he already possesses the skills and knowledge of both the Medical and Legal fields. Thus, he can empathize and understand all sides, conduct effective hearings, and make appropriate rulings on legal matters. 

  • Trained by California Society for Healthcare Attorneys


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Now Offering VIRTUAL Services !

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Why choose Virtual services?

Reddy’s Law Firm can Arbitrate, Mediate,  and hold Hearing Officer services via Videoconferencing (Virtually). Even beyond the pandemic, these Videoconferencing or Virtual Services offer flexibility to all parties involved, as it can often be more convenient, quicker and less expensive overall. With these Virtual services, you can be in the convenience & privacy of your own home, or any secluded space where you can have a secure internet connection. 



Premkiran Reddy is uniquely qualified to be of service to you, as he lives professionally at the intersection of Law and Medicine. He has various areas of training, including graduating Medical School and Law School, Arbitration certification (including American Health Law Association Training), Mediation Certification, Health Officer Training, various continuing education courses in Health Law, and an externship in Psychiatry. In addition to his vast training, Premkiran Reddy has 15 years of hands on first hand experience in running a Rehab clinic, handing all aspects, including hiring, setting up the clinic from the ground up, conflict resolution, and dealing with Insurance company payment and compliance issues. He has the personal knowledge and ability to communicate the legal aspects to the medical professionals, and the medical aspects to the legal professionals.
From his learned experience, he finds that the root of most conflicts is the lack of effective communication. Some of the issues that interfere with communication, are a lack of actual knowledge of subject matter and a lack of first hand experience of the practical issues of the other side. A knowledge of how to facilitate both sides to communicate is enhanced with a knowledge of the different personality traits, and knowing how to identify other underlying problems that might be the issue that needs resolving. This is paramount to resolve conflict. Having hands on and first hand experience of the practical difficulties of both sides, and having actual knowledge of subject material and other aspects of the field, are necessary to understand all sides, and make a fair and balanced agreement or award. 

Having been in the Medical field for over 15 years, Premkiran Reddy not only has the first hand experience and expertise of various aspects of the medical field, but also has legal training, and gained experience in his Psychiatry externship to understand how to spot areas of miscommunication, know how to deal with the various personality traits, and know how to deal with the underlying issues which may be the real reason for impasses. In addition, Premkiran Reddy is also patient, understanding, flexible and a good listener, and is easily relatable by both medical and legal professionals. 
Premkiran Reddy is objective and impartial, and believes in the integrity of the process of Arbitrations, Mediations and Hearings. He ensures that proceedings continue in an evenhanded manner and that all the people present at the forum, including he and the parties in dispute, conduct themselves courteously and with decorum. 

  • J.D. State Bar of California Licensed

  • M.D. with Psychiatry Externship in New York (Not Residency)​​

  • F.C.L.M. Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine

  • Certified ARBITRATOR (San Francisco Bar Association certified and American Health Law Association trained)​

  • Certified MEDIATOR​ (ADR Mediator certified, approved by the State Bar of Texas)

  • Trained HEARING OFFICER in the State of California (California Society for Healthcare Attorneys)

  • Health Law continuing education courses by ABA and AHLA

  • 15 years Experience in Establishing and Running all aspects of a Rehab Clinic.


    • Central District of California

    • Eastern District of Texas


  • Alameda County Bar Association

  • American Bar Association​

  • American College of Legal Medicine

  • American Health Law Association

  • American Society of Law, Medicine  & Ethics

  • California Society for Healthcare Attorneys

  • Houston Bar Association

  • Jefferson County Bar Association

  • Los Angeles County Bar Association

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" Mr. Reddy is truly a special kind of attorney. He is honest and empathetic. He is also prompt in communicating, which is hard to find in many attorneys. I know firsthand that he genuinely does care for his clients "      

-  K.B.



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